We are very pleased that the renovation of our studio and gallery space is taking shape more and more. Of course there is still a lot of work which has to be done, like building a kitchen, workspace and furniture, but we are happy, that the most terrible work is over now.

We would be happy if you stop by in 2016 whenever you are in Leipzig!


We proudly announce our collaboration with the incredible and colorful MIGA DE PAN from Argentina! She is working on a small collection of her beautiful embroideries exclusively for our online shop. We are so very excited to follow up her process and to receive her results! As her embroideries are usually not for sale in regular shops,rather in galleries, we are so very proud to have the chance to present her work in our shop and with a small exhibition in our future studio showroom as well! We hope you enjoy her poetical embroideries as much as we do! Thank you Adriana!


Since May we are working on our own interior project in Leipzig. We've started with a complete makeover of an 106 sqm apartment in a building of the 20ies. We've pulled down walls and changed the layout. We had to build a new bathroom and a new kitchen. We've organized an original old Double door which we've integrated between the living and the dining space. In the bedroom we've fixed a glass wall, which is a natural division for the sleeping area and the dressing space, where we built up a custom made wardrobe. The floors were painted in soft colours like muted grey and pale beige. For the walls we were using natural colours like clay paint and lime colour. These colours provide a perfect indoor climate and give the walls a smooth and soft texture which produces soft white shadows. Next step will be the doors, which have to be painted again and another glass wall for the dining room. Moreover the kitchen has to be completed by adding the final linoleum top. For the living room we are going to design a custom made furniture for storing books, wood and ceramics. The dining table, which we have designed, will be soon ready to buy through our website. 


Finally it's done and our dining table is finished! It has a wooden oak surface and a frame made of steel, powder coated in a light apricot- rosé. And even our Poulsen lights are fixed! The first ones in our new home! You will find some more information about this table on our website soon. You can order it as a custom made piece through our website, so if you are interested in, please send us an email!


Our plans and drawings for our interior concept in Washington D.C. taking more shape and we just finished the concept for the Solarium in the basement. It includes the fancy Balloon Light of Uli Budde in an extra colour just made for our client beside the brand-new Bollard Lights of menu  and some beautiful accessories like the funny watering pot, the extraordinary candelabra of muuto , the plant pots of ferm living and the lovely jars of menu.


As you might know, we are very lucky to got the opportunity to work out an interior concept for an entire townhouse in Washington D.C.  Currently we are working on the basement, which is considered for a living space. Our concept includes some very special furniture pieces like the beautiful chairs of Muller van Severen and the wonderful lights of dua designed by Aust & Amelung . We are going to use the beautiful colour palette of Farrow & Ball and some natural fabrics of KVADRAT . Stay tuned for the next steps!