We thought it was spam when we got the request from COS . But then we read "editorial request" and couldn't trust our eyes! COS felt inspired by our work, which makes us very very proud and happy! Thanks so much for the feature on your blog about our project "Design with the unknown", which we showed in Milan 2016. Our week couldn't have start better!


STUDIO OINK will talk to you about "Rethinking Architecture for a Life in the City" at the "the sooner now" conference in Hamburg, initiated by Freunde von Freunden and MINI

"City populations are constantly growing and yet the spaces that they occupy often remain static. This means that we must learn to use urban space more creatively in order for everyone to engage with city life. By rethinking the gap between private and shared spaces always with smart architectural solutions in mind, we can reconcile this growth with a sense of community. Micro neighborhoods can evolve, living spaces will become increasingly modular, mobile or temporary and our understanding of how communities are structured in relation to their urban surroundings will be forever changed.
The Sooner Now is an initiative by MINI and Freunde von Freunden that functions as a platform featuring exceptional visions for the future. Connected by the desire to understand, reflect and shape the developments in urban life, The Sooner Now regards itself as a forum for continual dialogue and inspiration. Focused on personal stories and passionate projects, the initiative goes beyond the physicality of the hosting cities and events, instead opening up paths of joint participation in shaping a better life in the city." 

Next week, on Thursday 16th of November 2018, we are invited to join the conference "the sooner now" created by Freunde von Freunden and MINI . As a panelist we will talk about new ideas for a minimal, experimental life in the city and how this life change is changing our architecture. Looking very forward to this event and hopefully meeting some of you! 

For more information check out the website of FvF!


See you in Milan for Salone Mobile 2018

We are going to design week in Milan 2018 for Salone del Mobile Milano ! This is our first solo show without any help of an organization and we are very proud that we organized everything on our own. We found a very beautiful location in the old part of Milan , the district 5vie. Our spot is right next to the building of famous design studio Apparatus from NYC. Now we are going to organize a beautiful exhibition for you and really hope that you will like it! Will we meet you at via Santa Marta 12 in April 2018? Looking forward to!


Custom made STUDIO OINK table TIB

Working on the finish of our custom designed STUDIO OINK table TIB. Testing colour matches and working out the last details of the thin frame construction. The top will be also available in wood. Soon more. If you already want to pre- order your own TIB table: Just drop us a line!


Finally the layout is set and the colour scheme fixed for our interior project in Frankfurt / Main. Beside planning and working out the kitchen cabinets, we've chosen furniture and lamps and are now working on a custom made wall light and the last details. We really enjoyed planning this kitchen with colour splashes and a very sophisticated look. The tiles were already given, so we've chosen a colour which fit to the tiles and set a contrast to their historical and traditional appearance to create a timeless and contemporary look. The renovation is going to start soon and we are very curious to see the final outcome.


Working on this beautiful furniture which is made for children and adults. As a multifunctional furniture you can stick the back parts of the sofa wherever you like to create a sofa, a récamière or a playground for babies and kids. The four mattresses can be used as a warmer underground above the red felt. The furniture comes with two legs in different sizes: a lower size for the use as a playground and a higher size for the use as a sofa. The light aluminum parts are powder coated and the base and legs are made of ash wood. On the floor plan you can see the boxes for storing toys and miscellaneous. This furniture is part of our interior concept and draft for a beautiful villa here in Leipzig.


Working on an interior concept for a kitchen in Frankfurt / Main. As the floor tiles are already given, we are working on a basic colour scheme which fits to the traditional tiles and create a modern, yet sophisticated atmosphere. The floor plan itself is very tiny and difficult, so it needs a clever concept to create some storage space without having a cluttered and voluminous kitchen.

Colour concept and floor plan not yet confirmed.


A little little sneak peek into our interior project in Washington. We started with this project two years ago. We were responsible for the interior concept, furnishing, art, textiles and decoration of the entire house; we optimized the floor plan and planned new walls made of glass and wood to let more light inside the house. It was a very exciting and unique project and it required a lot of organization and knowledge, especially for some works which are not possible to realize in US or where you need special certificates. There are some special rules for lighting, plumbing and so on. We are very happy to see finally everything coming together and we feel blessed that we had the honor to work on such a big project oversea while we are located in Germany. We hope that we can show you some more pictures of the results soon. Pictures made by our client.