Since May we are working on our own interior project in Leipzig. We've started with a complete makeover of an 106 sqm apartment in a building of the 20ies. We've pulled down walls and changed the layout. We had to build a new bathroom and a new kitchen. We've organized an original old Double door which we've integrated between the living and the dining space. In the bedroom we've fixed a glass wall, which is a natural division for the sleeping area and the dressing space, where we built up a custom made wardrobe. The floors were painted in soft colours like muted grey and pale beige. For the walls we were using natural colours like clay paint and lime colour. These colours provide a perfect indoor climate and give the walls a smooth and soft texture which produces soft white shadows. Next step will be the doors, which have to be painted again and another glass wall for the dining room. Moreover the kitchen has to be completed by adding the final linoleum top. For the living room we are going to design a custom made furniture for storing books, wood and ceramics. The dining table, which we have designed, will be soon ready to buy through our website.