STUDIO OINK will talk to you about "Rethinking Architecture for a Life in the City" at the "the sooner now" conference in Hamburg, initiated by Freunde von Freunden and MINI

"City populations are constantly growing and yet the spaces that they occupy often remain static. This means that we must learn to use urban space more creatively in order for everyone to engage with city life. By rethinking the gap between private and shared spaces always with smart architectural solutions in mind, we can reconcile this growth with a sense of community. Micro neighborhoods can evolve, living spaces will become increasingly modular, mobile or temporary and our understanding of how communities are structured in relation to their urban surroundings will be forever changed.
The Sooner Now is an initiative by MINI and Freunde von Freunden that functions as a platform featuring exceptional visions for the future. Connected by the desire to understand, reflect and shape the developments in urban life, The Sooner Now regards itself as a forum for continual dialogue and inspiration. Focused on personal stories and passionate projects, the initiative goes beyond the physicality of the hosting cities and events, instead opening up paths of joint participation in shaping a better life in the city." 

Next week, on Thursday 16th of November 2018, we are invited to join the conference "the sooner now" created by Freunde von Freunden and MINI . As a panelist we will talk about new ideas for a minimal, experimental life in the city and how this life change is changing our architecture. Looking very forward to this event and hopefully meeting some of you! 

For more information check out the website of FvF!