STUDIO OINK creative lab will be part of Salone del Mobile 2018 in the vibrant district 5Vie. 

"Now you see us" is a collection of independent works by STUDIO OINK, combining both disciplines of interior and product design showing in a real life situation. "Now you see us" is dedicated to reality, to the real life.

werbung 3.jpg

Today’s world is shaped by an anonymous communication through several social media channels and interaction through the world wide web. It is a big chance to be visible to people around the world. But its not reality and something is missing. 

What does it mean for a designer? 

First of all, it means that everything is possible. Realities can be formed, cropped and filtered. Pictures and words can be well chosen and selected. But what is missing, is an honest feeling, a personal impression, experiences through all our senses and last but not least an interaction with the designer itself.

Every single piece we create is strongly connected to us and our interpretation of our surrounding and situations we felt touched by.

Often it is difficult for a beholder to feel exactly the same like we do while observing a piece we create, without having the chance to meet us in reality as well. The connection to the designed work gets deeper through an interaction with the designer itself. Through our appearance we are connected to the objects and spaces we design. There is no false reality.With our exhibition „Now you see us“ we want to invite you to interact with us and our work to have the chance to experience them in the same way we do and how they are meant to be.

Moreover we want to give you a chance to tell us what you want us to design and what you are missing in your real life. We would love to get in touch with you and to work out an object / furniture, which is not only related to us, but strongly connected with you.

With the help of Leonarda Spassova